Life Skills Grades 3-5


Life coaching for kids helps build emotional resilience, self-esteem, and increases confidence. It also helps kids develop their own “heart compass” or intuition to think for themselves and stand up to peer pressure. Through the coaching experience, kids will learn to live life with intention, purpose, and a vision for what they want in their lives.

Because adults have a developed brain and more life experience, coaching kids requires a stronger teaching component.

Your child will work with a trauma-informed life coach for 12 hours

Skills your child will learn:

* Being Responsible
* Empathy
* Coping Skills
* Respect
* Integrity
* Having a Positive Attitude
* Perseverance & Personal Best
* Cooperation & Teamwork
* Resolving Conflicts
* Handling Peer Pressure
* Becoming a Good Friend
* Good Citizenship

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