Real Estate Needed

Help us grow. We will be brutally honest here. After falling victim to a Craigslist Scam, we have struggled to find a location for The Other Side of the Fence in Humboldt County.

We are in desperate need of a pet friendly location. We are currently housing 5 Dogs, 4 Cats, and 2 Mini Horses. Unfortunately, our latest temporary location lease ends January 30th, when our wonderful landlord will be relocating to Oregon. As anyone who has followed along on Facebook, or seen our ads on Craigslist, the North Coast Journal, Times Standard, and on all the poster boards in Humboldt County knows, we were very actively looking for a new place.

After relocating here from our five acre animal shelter (housing 50-55 animals at a time), and located on the Mark Twain National Forest giving us access to thousands of additional acres, it has been devastating trying to survive in Humboldt County where the real estate is greatly over inflated due to the marijuana industry.

Please help support a holistic good cause and spread the word about our search for a stable location. Our Founder started this organization after being hit by a drunk driver, and will do anything to keep her dream alive. But it will take your help. So, reach into your heart, take a chance, and support something worth your time. Although our team consists of compassionate and dedicated individuals, we lack monetary resources to accomplish our goals alone. But Together, We Can Make A difference!


What Are We Looking For?

Minimum Requirements:

We are open to many different situations, however the very minimal requirements we need are: the ability to care for up to 4 dogs, and 4 cats.

Desired Location:

Our preferred location would include at least half an acre of land for 2 mini horses, 4 dogs, and 4 cats. We would also prefer to have an on site space for our workshops. Example spaces include: a living room in a residential house, a covered warehouse space, or even a converted barn. This space would be shared for the following purposes: providing pet companionship for people suffering from an illness or disability, including seniors and children; space for at-risk students to provide training to the 4 dogs who will be the pet companions in our Traveling Cuddle Wagon Workshop and teachers in our Creature Teacher Workshop; and obedience training space to help keep pets out of shelters.

What types of property?

Commercial, Industrial, or Agricultural Property – a warehouse would be purfect.

Farmland – is your barn empty?

Residential Real Estate – 2+ bedroom home.

Vacant Land – we can build temporary or permanent structure to suit our needs.

What is our current & future budget?

We are looking to rent or lease a space for $500 – $1500 a month to start. As our nonprofit grows, we would be glad to have the opportunity to lease or rent under ballooning payments. What does this mean? It’s easy, lease us your rental with a monthly payment within our budget, and slowly raise the payments to their fair market value over time. Any amount under fair market value is considered a donation, and is fully tax deductible under 501 c3 IRS tax exemption codes.

Other Ideas

We have put a lot of effort into finding an affordable pet friendly location in Humboldt County. We know our community will appreciate our effort when we are settled. The difficulty in finding a place however, has been greatly disappointing to say the least. We understand that pet friendly scares many possible landlords away, however we can provide good references, and can also work within a creative landscape.

Some ideas would include:

Fixer Uppers – our crew of volunteers with plenty of experience in construction and carpentry can turn anyplace into a vibrant center of hope for our community.

Farm Hands – if you have too much property for you to care for by yourself, we would love the opportunity to do some work trade for partial or full rent on a half acre of space (or more).

Work Trade – even if you do not own a farm, but any type of rental, and would be willing to do full or partial work trade for rent, we would be furever indebted.

Community Living Space – our mission is holistic, and it would be great to share space with like minded people who want to ‘save the world’ one step at a time. Whether this means becoming an active part of our team, or just sharing your space and benefiting from extra rental income &/or extra hands, is up to you.

So, if you have more rental properties than you can count on your dogs right front paw,  want to feel good about helping your community, or are in need of extra income or work around your home or office – take a chance – and be a part of something you can be proud of!

There are plenty of vacant or abandoned barns, farms, houses, warehouses, and buildings. Let’s put one to good use! Remember – Full or Partial Donations are fully tax deductible under section 501 c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please contact us today if you want to discuss any options. (707) 616-5717

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