When Animal Rescue meets Social Work


To end the needless suffering of children and animals while lending a hand to our community.

Getting To The Roots Of Animal & Child Cruelty

Our programs focus on the entire family unit, including family pets.

Children’s Wisconsin lists the most common social, adult, and child factors that contribute to the abuse and neglect of children and animals.

  • Social Factors: Poverty and Community Violence.
  • Adult and Child Factors: Low self-esteem, Emotional Dysregulation, being a victim of abuse, stress, financial strain, social isolation, relationship problems, Substance Use Disorder (SUD), mental/psychical illness or disability, parenting skills, poor coping skills, lack of education.

Why apply a band-aid when you can end the disease?

Our Trauma-Informed Coaches
provide workshops to help youth with anger management, depression, confidence, coping skills, and trauma. Adults receive coaching for relationships, parenting skills, Substance Use, trauma, and more.

Our Tutors
can help children succeed in school through our literacy, tutoring, and humane education programs.

Our Pet Care Team
provides affordable pet care services to reduce family financial strain and prevent pets from being relinquished to shelters.

Our Community Revitalization Team
is developing programs to make communities healthier. Creating jobs is an essential part of reducing poverty. Our team is creating paid training programs to help participants learn how to start and manage their own businesses.

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