Fearful Fido Training Camp

Wouldn’t it be great if while you were working your fearful pet was being potty trained, socialized, given basic obedience lessons, worn out with cuddles,  and exercised while you’re away?

This course is for dogs over six months of age. If your dog cowers at the smallest of things, then this course will help. After the initial meeting, your dog will spend two hours a day for the five days with a trainer learning how to get rewarded for acting brave and having fun.

The trainer will take fearful Fido into the big “scary” world where he/she will get lots of socialization with all different kinds of people and dogs. Your modest dog learning to
accept cuddles and tolerate different people, pets, and environments can make you and your pet much happier.

Your dog will receive 10 hours of personal training, plus an extra hour of training with your family. Except for the initial and concluding meeting, pet owners do not need to be present for training, however, the trainer must have easy access to the dog during scheduled times.

NOTE: Please understand that very timid dogs will still need lots of family support after the initial course is complete.

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