Traveling Cuddle Wagon

This program provides pet companionship to seniors and anyone else who is isolated from society due to an illness or disability, including children. The company of pets provides many positive benefits. When scheduled beforehand, volunteers will also conduct general yard labor during the visit: mowing, weed eating, and flower bed regeneration.

Cost: Sliding fees available

Pet & Human Companionship $10/hr.

Yard Services $10/hr

This workshop is great physical therapy when it comes to getting elderly patients to use their arthritic fingers. Even patients who rarely leave their rooms will venture out for a cuddle. Those who are unable to get out of bed will enjoy snuggling with a small pet. Providing animal and human companionship will help spread compassionate energy in our community. So, if you know someone who would enjoy a visit, schedule today! Or, Become A Volunteer!

What is the Traveling Cuddle Wagon? Whether our cuddle recipient is a lonely senior, a lonely vet, or a lonely child with a disability or illness, lonely is the keyword! A volunteer also hangs out to provide companionship. Beneficiaries of this program include: Our aging population; Children and Adults with autism, cancer, AIDS, Leukemia; and individuals who have any number of physical or mental disabilities.


We are expanding our Traveling Cuddle Wagon Workshop into a program that will now also better benefit At-Risk Students.

We are expanding our program which currently provides these youth with an opportunity to train rescued animals with basic obedience commands so the animals can participate as companions in our workshops until they are adopted, with a more comprehensive intervention program now called Partners in Training.

What is the next step? Bambi and Pocahontas are two miniature ponies we rescued to be cuddled and trained by teens who are at risk of falling through the cracks in our community. However, we are in need of a location to provide our full set of programs. Please make a donation to support our Find A Facility Fund so we can grow to our full potential.

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An at-risk student is a child or teenager who, “by virtue of their circumstances, is statistically more likely than others to fail academically. Those determining the criteria of at-risk status often focus on ethnic minorities, those who are academically disadvantaged, those who are have one or more disability, those who are characterized by low socioeconomic status, and students on a probationary status over past behavioral issues” (Ask  article).

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