Intervention Training Programs

Our training programs not only provide the opportunity for participants to benefit from animal-assisted activities that focus on ending cycles of abuse and neglect, these programs save the lives of animals. The animals in our programs are here because they were pulled from euthanasia or they are recipients of our Keep Our Pets services. The homeless animals that enter a program may be selected for additional training as a support animal for children and adults with disabilities.

Enrollment for our Partners in Training Intervention Program will resume once we complete our new facility in Morriston Florida. Please make a donation to help Fund the Facility. 

Basic Components of Training Programs
–     Use of AAA (Animal Assisted Activities)
–     Include reading and math components to build literacy skills
–     Empathy through Humane Education
–     Provide strategies for building resiliency (problem-solving skills)
–     Family Outreach. Provide opportunities for the whole family to participate
–     Utilize CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy),  ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), and Mindful Meditation (MM) Techniques

Partners in Training

The children will spend time at the beginning of each session providing their canine partner with training and socialization, which teaches the youth positive reinforcement. After hands-on training, the youth will complete a variety of activities to build life skills (some curriculum/some games). The goals of the program will be to strengthen communication skills, increase focus, practice anger management techniques, build stronger resiliency, and relieve anxiety and depression. The youth will then write a letter to their animal at the end of the session that will address a variety of real-life issues. Some example letter topics, “I didn’t yell at you because…” or “I didn’t hit you because…”.

Traveling Cuddle Wagon Program

In this program, children or adults with disabilities play with, groom, walk, and train animals. This program is designed to improve mobility, communication, brain activity, problem-solving, and coordination. Beneficiaries may include those diagnosed with autism, down syndrome, cancer, AIDS/HIV, depression, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or any other illness or disability that benefits from Animal Assisted Activities.

It’s Going to be OK Parenting Program (NEW)

This workshop will focus on teen parents and parents struggling with depression or anxiety. Mothers, fathers, and caregivers will be encouraged to come and learn effective evidence-based parental strategies. This program uses the components of the Partners in Training Program, however, adds an emphasis on positive parenting skills. At the end of each session, participants will write letters or do activities with their canines that address a variety of different issues related to self-care, a baby’s care, relationships, communication, building social networks, creating schedules, and more. We will also provide community resources.

Support and Service Animal Training (NEW)

This program will provide special training to animals pulled from the euthanasia list with the best of temperaments. These animals will be trained as support or service animals for people of all ages who have developmental or emotional disabilities. The dogs may be trained to turn on light switches, open doors, pick objects up, bring objects, help prop a person up, and other specific tasks that the family has requested in their applications.

Our goal is to save these pets and match them with families that have applied for a support or service animal and have them fully integrated into their new home within one year at an affordable cost to the adoptive family.

Many services or support animal training organizations have up to a two-year waitlist before the animal goes to their adopted home. Also, the cost to adopt a service or support dog is often in the $10,000-$13,000 range, which is out of the price range of many people that would benefit from having a support or service animal.

We are here to provide a bridge to the people and pets that will provide each other with the love and support everyone will benefit from. Check back in to see updates about when this program and other programs under development will begin!

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