Our Team

The Other Side of the Fence needs a hard working crew of dedicated individuals to carry on our mission. Meet our team, we hope to see your photo here one day!

 Vice President of Communications Jen Weinlaub is an amazing mother of two beautiful girls. She is not only a skilled photographer, but also a music and dance enthusiast. Her professional background includes Journalism at The Omaha World Herald from 2003 – 2008. When she is not volunteering her time creating flyers, online media, and other public relation materials for The Other Side of the Fence, she is a free lance photographer. After she graduates with her Masters in Environmental Studies – Life Science at University of Nebraska, she hopes to take a bigger part in saving the world. CLICK HERE to view some of Jens excellent photography.



 Founder and CEO Jamie Hatfield has dedicated her life to helping others. She has trained over 400 dogs and loves working with animals. She is working recently graduated with her Bachelor in Social Work Degree and looking into continuing her education to enable her to fully develop and implement all of her creative prevention and intervention programs in effort to effectively give everyone the best possible direction to make the changes needed in our society. Besides Chief Executive Officer, other responsibilities include Senior Program Manager and taking care of your pets by volunteering her time as a dog walker, obedience trainer, and pooper scooper. During school breaks, she also volunteers her time helping out in the Revitalize Humboldt program with yard assistance and minor home repairs.



robert bio Treasurer Robert Hatfield has been an integral part of the development of The Other Side of the Fence. Although Robert is great with his hands, and can build or fix just about anything, he is even better with children. When Robert is not trying to prepare a budget he is trying to obtain his degree in psychology so he can further help the children in his community. Robert has not only been exceptional at helping set up fundraisers, but has lent a major hand in helping care for, train, and re-home over 400 dogs.



General Contractor and Dive Master Rob Walkenhauer is the newest addition to our team. His dedication at helping children has been apparent in his 6 years of working with the court and community students. When Community Schools have the budget, Rob is also the automotive restoration teacher for the Blue Ox School which helps at-risk teenagers. We are in the process of raising funds for Rob to obtain his General Contractor License from the state through The Other Side of the Fence. Once he is fully licensed with our nonprofit, he will be overseeing all major projects under the Revitalize Humboldt program. In the future Rob hopes to create a program that helps at-risk youth achieve their high school diplomas and gain skills that will prepare them for the workforce in a positive environment that is disconnected from everyday influences that negatively affect their ability to succeed. CLICK HERE to see Rob at work with some of his students.



Revitalize Humboldt Program Manager Nathan Stipek is a local artist and craftsman. His wood working skills are magnificent to behold. When he is not creating something beautiful, he is working to prevent community deterioration with The Other Side of the Fence. With his exceptional skills, you can expect that any work done to your home or yard will exceed your expectations. To view some of Nate’s past wood working projects, CLICK HERE.

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