Creature Teacher Literacy Program

Depending on their reading level, these workshops provide children with the opportunity to listen and interact with a story, read aloud, and write to animals, helping to improve reading skills and self-confidence.

Core components of our Creature Teacher Literacy Workshops:

  • Include Reading, Math, Humane Education, and Behavioral Modification techniques to develop communication, anger management, and focusing skills.
  • Use of animal assisted activities
  • Family Outreach. Provide the opportunity for parents and grandparents to participate and build their literacy skills while strengthening bonds
  • Provide families strategies for implementing resiliency
  • Focus on multicultural learning activities

Reading improves language and learning abilities and provides opportunities for physical development. The simple act of turning the pages of a book helps to strengthen motor skills. Reading is important to a child’s development and is a big factor in shaping their education. As if that weren’t enough, reading also stimulates eye muscles and affects the chemistry of the body by utilizing the brain (Hargrave & Sénéchal, 2000).

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