Dog Walking | Short Field Trip


Dog walking service includes: Let’s go to the beach, or how about the mountains? Perhaps a river? There’s lots to do in Humboldt County with furry friends. We will give your pet a great day out where they will have loads of new stuff to smell and get the chance to socialize with other people and pets.  Basic obedience training upon request included intermittently throughout the trip.  Includes two dogs of any age who will receive any medication, treats,  cuddles, vigorous exercise and water for a total of two hours.

Once we receive your order, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an initial consultation. As a bonus, we are currently waiving the $20 Initial consultation fee for Dog Walking Services that are prepaid online or via phone. If an email is provided, we will email your Pet Walking Registration Packet.

This dog walking service is offered through our Keep Our Pets Program and is designed to help keep animals from being relinquished by their owners to animal shelters. If your pet is displaying destructive or other unwanted behaviors at home, try adding some extra exercise to eliminate their pent up energy and schedule a dog walk today!

Please consider making a donation by purchasing a gift certificate to help provide low income seniors and persons with an illness or disability needed pet care. Thank you. 

Please contact us is you have any questions – 707-616-5717

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