Pet Sitting

When you need pet sitting services, an unexpected out-of- town emergency can be extra-stressful. Sometimes it can seem impossible to find a pet sitter without notice.

We understand how important your pets are. So if your sitter backed out at the last minute, you had no time to prepare, or you just can’t afford the regular cost of pet sitting services ~ you can schedule with us instantly.

We make it quick and easy to schedule by allowing our clients to order online at their convenience.

Advantages of using The Other Side of the Fence Pet Sitting:

-Pets remain safe, secure, and comfortable in their own homes
-Maintain a regular feeding, sleeping, and exercise schedule
-No exposure to illness from other animals
-Pets receive loving and personal care

Reasons to choose an In-Home Pet Sitter

Our services are especially beneficial for cats. You no longer need to board your cat, which can relieve stress on you & your pet.

Every pet parent has different needs. We will work to create a custom pet and home care package just for you! Includes ALL household pets!

Click here to find out if you qualify for a sliding fee. We have limited space for overnight pet sitting.

This service is offered through the Keep Our Pets (KOP) program which helps prevent unnecessary pet relinquishment to shelters. We are here to help.

Please consider making a $2 donation to help provide needed Pet Care Services to someone in need. Thank you. 

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