Dog Walking

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog!!! Got a new puppy or a senior pet who just can’t hold her bladder anymore? Maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness and are having difficulty caring for your pet? Whatever the reason you need us, we will happily walk and exercise your pet!

Advantages of having your dog walked and exercised by a Professional Pet Walker:
Allows pets to use the potty while you work or are away on an emergency
– Stops destructive behavior associated with excessive energy such as chewing and digging
– Provides your pet with physical and psychological exercise
– Necessary medications given on time
– Optional training provided

Want to read more about the benefits of having your dog walked, read this informative article from the ASPCA: Why Should I Exercise My Pet?

Our dog walking sessions can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as five hours! Let us wear your pet out, whether in playgroups, solo, or just a slow long walk. We try to provide your pet with the same caretaker every time so that they can look forward to their fun tromps.

Includes letting all dogs of any age go outside and use the potty, play in fenced yard/walk on leash, receive any medication, treats, cuddles, and water.

Some dogs just need more playtime! Vigorous exercise can include running, tug of war, fetch, games, bike riding, and hiking local neighborhood terrain if any. Basic obedience training included if requested. Includes up to three dogs of any ages.

We also provide a SLIDING FEE for the following low income households: Seniors aged 55+, single parents, and individuals with an illness or disability. SLIDING FEE SERVICES

Proceeds from our services help prevent cruelty to children and animals through our workshops and pet adoption program. If you are unable to support our cause by using our services, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Thank you.

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