The Other Side of the Fence

where the grass is always greener

   Dec 12


OUR VISION: To end the needless suffering of animals and lend a hand to our community.

The Other Side of the Fence is a Humboldt County nonprofit animal rescue dedicated to preventing cruelty to children and animals through workshops; as well as providing relief to the poor, disabled and elderly through community service projects.

Click on the following links to learn more about our workshops.

-Humane Education – for all ages
-Creature Teacher – for children
-Traveling Cuddle Wagon – for seniors or disabled individuals
-Keep Our Pets – for pet owners

Besides FREE WORKSHOPS, what can we offer? We have designed a set of pet services to help pet owners keep their pets. Too many wonderful pets are relinquished to shelters every year; don’t let your pet be one of them! Read about our Keep Our Pets services here.

We offer bulk pricing. Refer a friend and adopted pet discounts available! Still need help paying, apply for a sliding fee/payment plan here.

We are here to help!  We will create a custom designed package to help your pet be the happiest they could be! And that’s not all – WE VIDEO RECORD ALL OF OUR WALKS! That’s right, NOT ONLY will you have peace of mind that a fully insured professional with lots of experience handling dogs is recording and caring for your pet – we can build a pet portfolio to forever remember your best friend!

Services we offer:

Dog Walking
Obedience Training
Pet Sitting
Pooper Scooping

Our Founder, Jaymeey Hatfield, ran an animal shelter for more than five years before relocating to Humboldt County this past year. Every variation of preventable story imaginable poured in day after day. “Can you take my mother’s dog and find him a good home? He is too hyper and pees on the floor”. “I feel so bad keeping her kenneled all day, but she chews everything up if I leave her out while I’m at work.” Sometimes all it takes is a little run and basic obedience training! Well, sometimes some cuddles and potty training, but no big deal, we can happily handle that! Scroll through our pet list below to see some of the happy pups Jaymeey has had a great pleasure working with!

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