To end the needless suffering of animals and lend a hand to our community.

Compassion For All Life

The Other Side of the Fence is a Humboldt County 501 [c]3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing cruelty to children and animals through workshops; as well as providing relief to the poor, disabled, and elderly through community service programs.

We provide Affordable and Reliable services to our community, regardless of the ability to pay in emergency situations. It is our goal to create a holistic set of programs to combat all aspects of family life that may lead to cruelty to animals and children. This means extending a hand to the adults and communities in these voiceless victims lives.

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Creature Teacher

Depending on their reading level, this workshop provides children with the opportunity to listen and interact with a story or read aloud to animals, helping to improve a child’s reading skills and self-confidence. The focus of this workshop is to help children who are struggling to become academically successful. The benefits education are boundless. Those who succeed academically typically live longer, and have less obstacles in life. We strongly believe that removing children from the vicious cycle of poverty will make the biggest impact on the number of future children and animals who are abused.

Traveling Cuddle Wagon

This workshop provides anyone who is experiencing loneliness and isolation with a pet to cuddle. Volunteers will hang out and also provide companionship.

After hearing several similar stories from clients, we have also started offering general yard assistance services at a greatly reduce rate. We will make sure that looking out that living room window will bring a smile, instead of a heavy heart. Services include mowing, weed eating, general yard clean-up, and flower bed restoration with horse manure and some of the easy to care for plants that we can provide. Save more than 40%, plus further financial assistance is provided when needed.

Humane Education

These workshops teach about fostering kindness, respect, and empathy for both humans and animals; They are also about looking after the environment and its diverse habitats. Each workshop includes 1-6 lesson plans, consisting of approximately 1 hour per lesson plan. Humane Education Workshops care great for birthday parties and day cares looking for a fun activity. A custom lesson can be created to accommodate different interests.

Keep Our Pets

Who relinquishes their pets to an animal shelter? Probably people who do not deserve their pet anyway, right? The dog will be better off than living with those animal abusers!

This is a very common misconception. Many of the pet owners who feel the need to relinquish their pets are just going through a tough time. Typically, these pets are simply lacking proper socialization, training, and/or exercise. Common situations: Single parents who work too many hours and are too exhausted for training; Pet owners who feel bad that their pet sits home alone all day; and saddest of all – Families of seniors and adults with a disability who feel their family member can no longer handle the responsibilities involved with properly caring for their pets.

These pets have perfectly good homes! Why put them into a shelter where they will “compete” with pets who are truly homeless? Instead, we will provide the pet owner with services to get them through a tough time, allowing them to keep their pets in their own home. This may even mean long term care for anyone in an assisted living situation, and in some cases, these services may be provided free of charge.

Pet Services Include: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Training, and Pooper Scooping.

If your pet is displaying unwanted or destructive behaviors (jumping, digging, chewing, excessive energy, potty issues), we encourage you to try providing them with more exercise, socialization, and basic obedience training. A tired dog is a happy dog! If your household is low income and needs financial assistance for services to help you keep your pet- Learn More Here.

Proceeds from our services help prevent cruelty to children and animals through our workshops and pet adoption program. If you are unable to support our cause by using our services, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

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