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The Other Side of the Fence

Where the grass is always greener. 501 c[3] charity. 86-1174463

   Dec 12


OUR VISION: To end the needless suffering of animals and lend a hand to our community.

The Other Side of the Fence is a Humboldt County 501 [c]3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing cruelty to children and animals through workshops; as well as providing relief to the poor, disabled, and elderly through community service programs.

We provide Affordable and Reliable services to our community, regardless of the ability to pay in emergency situations. It is our goal to create a holistic set of programs that truly addresses the needs to combat cruelty to animals and children, which extends to helping the adults and communities in these voiceless victims lives.  If you want to be part of an Nonprofit that fights with its whole heart to END community dysfunction, join us, and lets make a difference together – because, we can’t do it alone.

If you have ideas on how to make our services, programs, or workshops better in order to take away common stressors that can cause unintentional child neglect or pet relinquishment, we want to hear from you. Get Involved Today  by emailing and help build this growing nonprofit. Don’t have the time but still want to support a great cause – use our services and help low income seniors, persons with disabilities, and single parents obtain needed services for their pets, children, or home.

Take advantage of all the ways to save during check-out: Bulk Discounts (save 25%), Refer A Friend (save 25%), Adopted Pet (save 15%). If you cannot afford our low cost services, you may qualify for a sliding fee and/or payment plan option with 0% interest and no payments for 90 days.

Click on the following links to learn more about our programs and workshops:


The majority of pet owners who have called to relinquish their pets to our rescue program can, in many cases, be provided simple services to get them through a tough time, allowing them to keep their pets. A large number of pets who are relinquished to shelters and rescues are simply lacking proper socialization, training, and/or exercise. Although we do not take owner relinquished pets due to the extreme need to help pets on a euthanasia list or homeless pets that have been found wondering around starved and/or injured, we offer the following affordable Pet Services: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Training, and Pooper Scooping. If your pet is displaying unwanted behaviors, we encourage you to try providing them with more exercise, socialization, and basic obedience training. A tired dog is a happy dog! If you need financial assistance for services to help you keep your dog, Learn More Here.



These workshops teach about fostering kindness, respect, and empathy for both humans and animals; it is also about looking after the environment and its diverse habitats. Each workshop includes 1-6 lesson plans, each consisting of approximately 1 hour.



Depending on their reading level, this workshop provides children with the opportunity to listen and interact with a story or read aloud to animals, helping to improve a child’s reading skills and self-confidence. For Teachers: We are designing empowerment awards and letters for your students and their families. We will have them fully downloadable on our website soon, however if you wish to obtain a few positive, fully editable templates contact us and let us know which format you prefer. There are plenty of parent letter templates out there telling parents how bad their child is doing in school, why not send them a letter of encouragement and let them know how well their student is doing. Lets not only focus on the bad – or that will be all that is focused on by the student. These templates are designed and intended to be used for teens who are having problems in school in order to encourage them to succeed, however, they can be used for any educational purpose – for free.



This workshop provides anyone who is experiencing loneliness and isolation with a pet to cuddle. Some examples include bring a puppy to cuddle and play with a child who has a blood disease and has not been in school to interact with her friends or bringing a 15 year old Pomeranian to cuddle an independant living senior. Volunteers will hang out and also provided companionship.

After hearing several similar stories from clients, we have also started offering general yard assistance services. Our hearts were broken listening to the countless stories from seniors who gaze out of their windows at their overgrown flowerbeds, wishing they could once again look out their windows and enjoy the simple please their once beautiful flower bed brought them. In order to combat depression often caused by isolation and the inability to do tasks that they once could easily undertake, we provide these services greatly discounted, with further financial assistance when needed. We will make sure that looking out that living room window will bring a smile, instead of a heavy heart. Services include mowing, weed eating, general yard clean-up, and flower bed restoration with horse manure and some of the easy to care for and water saving plants that we can provide.

THIS WORKSHOP IS EXPANDING FAST: We are currently expanding this workshop to help serve at-risk students. “An at-risk student is a student who, by virtue of their circumstances, is statistically more likely than others to fail academically. Those determining the criteria of at-risk status often focus on ethnic minorities, those who are academically disadvantaged, those who are disabled, those who are characterized by low socioeconomic status, and students on a probationary status over past behavioral issues” (definition by Ask). We are working with local resources to provide these teens with an opportunity to train rescue animals basic obedience commands so the rescued animals can participate in our workshops – while getting a second chance at finding their furever home. The teens first undertaking will be to train Bambi and Pocahontas – two rescued miniature horses to pull a cart that will hold the yard tools and green waste from the Traveling Cuddle Wagon clients. We are looking for a team to make this happen – Volunteer today.

Proceeds from our services help prevent cruelty to children and animals through our workshops and pet adoption program. If you are unable to support our cause by using our services, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.
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